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  The red invasion 17-09-2019 02:09 (UTC)

The birth of the North American Independent and Socialist Republic


I, Anthony Gonzalez, “do solemnly swear that I will legally execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."



“Today the history of the world changes, there will be talk of a before and an after from this day when an important transformation in the history of the United Sates and the world took place, today, forty years after a descendant of a mad born in Africa became president of the largest country in the world, a descendant of a Latino immigrant does the same”.



“History is meeting justice, those who came fort to this country looking for the American Dream, looking for freedom, for dignity, for respect and for the possibilities that were denied to them in the countries where they were born, those who arrived with suitcases full of dreams, they all made it, no matter how, whether through a visa lottery, a work visa, a TPS (Temporary Protection Status), a Cuban Law Adjustment, or getting their back wet when they crossed the Rio Grande, all of them are symbolically coming into the White House with Anthony Gonzalez, and they  are entering through the front door, not as a cook or gardener, servant or maid, today a child of Latin America is entering deserving the highest honors, he enters as Commander in Chief of the greatest army in the world, he enters as the number one man of the most powerful nation in the world, today a child of Latin America is President of the United States.”



The new president has two tough tasks; he will risk all his political pull in his campaign promises, the largest immigration reform since the administration of President Obama and to make Spanish the official language in the country.



President Anthony Gonzalez got to the White House through the votes of close to the total of all Hispanic votes which today constitutes the majority, according to the records Hispanics stopped being a minority a long time ago and became an absolute majority, today 40.8% of the population is Hispanic vs. only 32.3% Anglos, there is no question about the fact that the census doesn’t count all the children of inter-racial couples with a Hispanic parent as Hispanic, if these were counted the Hispanic population would be more than 60% of the total.



This proposal for immigration reform includes the parents and grandparents of those born in the Unites States and once approved anyone born in the United States will be bale to get full citizenship for his parents and grandparents, regardless of whether or not they lives in American territory before. A conservative prediction estimates more than forty million new citizens would result from this reform.



“Your friend John Perez, CNM in Spanish, reporting live from the Capitol where the grandson of an immigrant is sworn in to become the first Hispanic President of the United States”.



There have been change3s like never before ion the country during the past few months since the inauguration of President Anthony Gonzalez. The influence of left wing sectors has been felt in the Congress and the Senate. Words that weren’t heard before like “communism”. “Socialism”, “revolution”, “the end of Imperialism”, “and the end of the Capitalist Empire” resonated everywhere.


The possibility of an overwhelming democrat majority in the Senate gives free reign to the president, if we also take into consideration that the Chairman of the House is in favor of the changes and reforms proposed by the White House, nothing stands on the way of a slow transition to a nation with moderate liberal or declared left wing tendencies.


New events, new changes happen daily in the United States. The nation celebrates an official May Day parade on May 1st for the first time; today the President himself commemorates the “Martyrs of Chicago”. The United States was the only country in the world that didn’t recognize this date as “International Workers Day”.



This historic event took place at Haymarket Square on May 4, 1886, these events lead to the celebration of May 1st, in the beginning by the worker Unions and associations and then became officially recognized by every country as a festive and revolutionary celebration when workers around the globe express their labor and social demands on the main squares of the world. Today the great country of the north joins this worldwide celebration.



The parade travels down the 1.2 miles of Pennsylvania Avenue that run from the White House to the Capitol at least two million people crowd the National Mall across from the Capitol to witness the official parade, thousands are gathered across from the White House and there are many tourists among the crowd, there is great curiosity to watch the president head the celebration, images of “Che” Guevara, Fidel Castro, Lenin, Karl Marx, Frederic Engels and other fallen communist leaders frame the celebration of May 1st along with many red flags. Here in Washington D.C. the ceremony is being conducted by the President himself with the Secretary of Labor by his side as well as some members of Senate and Congress, along with the diplomatic representations of China, Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, the Democratic Republic of Korea and the Socialist International.



Hundreds of millions of viewers are watching the official celebrations of May 1st live through different TV broadcasts, as well as live feeds via the different media channels. The world leaders saluted and congratulated both the president and secretary of labor for conducting this important celebration for the world where all unions of the nation and the world are acknowledged. Many governments wished new successes for President Gonzalez and offered them cooperation to face the great international challenges.



CNM is interviewing several citizens and visitors at the celebration; the interviews will be aired later on as part of the special worldwide broadcast. Your friend John Perez and a group of colleagues from this station are bringing you all the details of this event.



Before the 4th of July celebration where the union would commemorate 274 years since it was established, the vote to what would be a historical constitutional amendment is expected. This could be the most controversial amendment of all such approvals in history since it would put an end to the existing democratic system, the majority in congress headed by the democrat representative, descendant of Mexicans, Williams J. Guzman with the support of a wide majority of legislators with ancestry in that same country and others try to push a proposal that would allow the indefinite permanence of the president in office, as it stands today the president has control of the executive power, makes decisions and has veto power over the resolutions of the legislative power, this new amendment would grant special powers to the president as they’ve never been seen before, if approved, the president could govern by decree ignoring both senate and congress in his decision making process, the amendment has the support of a large group of democrat party members.


Other senators, descendants of Cubans, Dominicans, Venezuelans and other minorities, members of the Republican Party offer slight opposition. The only ones posing strong opposition are Anglo, Irish, German, Russian and Italian senator’s members of “Tea Party”. If the amendment is approved it would mean the end of American democracy and the beginning of a new era in history that could mean the beginning of events we’ve become used to seeing in the so called democracies and dictatorships of the south.


The assemblyman Alex Castro, president of the democratic party is a strong ally of the amendment, the voices of the most radical left wing congressmen could be heard next to his as they hold clear leftist tendencies, in the style of the now disappeared communist regimes of the turn of the century ran by the Castro brothers in Cuba, Chavez in Venezuela and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.


There is no question that the country is taking a slow but continuous turn to the left in a way that was never imagined before, the 21st century’s socialism as the late Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, called it has reached the U.S. Capitol through the influence of new left wing democrat legislators.


Friends from around the country and the globe once again CNM broadcasts a historic event for the United States from the Capitol, the Senate’s approval of the thirty-first amendment to the U.S. Constitution which will grant the elected president the faculty to rule by decree ignoring the legislations of Congress and the Senate, we will continue with our live transmission from the Capitol awaiting for the results of the votes. Your friend John Perez for CNM keeps you informed.



Proof of the transcendental changes in the country are the recent measures taken by president Anthony Gonzalez; the closing of newspapers and TV stations, the nationalization of the banking system and the main oil companies. The reduction on the production of automobiles along with the drastic slowing down on the construction of housing are clear examples of an economy in a downward spiral, we might be witnessing the end of what’s been conceived for years as the American dream.


Along with this, the shortage of basic items such as milk, coffee, and meat to name a few are products that can’t be found, a cold Coca Cola or Pepsi seem to be a thing of the past, Americans everywhere are lining up in long cues at gas stations to get fuel at exorbitant prices just as they crow the few McDonald’s that are still open trying to enjoy a burger and fries even when the quality of these is lacking and the prices have sky-rocketed.


The foreign debt has tripled compared to the debt left by Barack Obama’s administration and it is now an amount that is practically impossible to mention, in fact the exact amount is not known, the country is bankrupt and headed into total chaos, it’s totally dependent on the economies and imports from China, India, Chile and Brazil. The European Union is doing everything it can to avoid the total collapse but a solution to the economic crisis, that grows exponentially on a daily basis is still to be found, not to mention the political crisis.


We at what until today used to e the southern border, Anthony Gonzalez, President of the United States and the President of Mexico, Enrique Solorio y Cosio will give the symbolic first strike to tear down the border walls built during the George W Bush administration. This is a gift from President Gonzalez to the neighboring country of Mexico for the 240th celebration of the “Grito de Dolores” on September 16th of 1810, which marked the start of Mexico’s movement for independence. The walls kept the southern US border safe from the indiscriminate crossing of men, women, children, merchandise, weapons, and drugs as well as deterred the access of illegal documents and terrorists. After this ceremony it will be torn down, turning the border into a open transit area.



Their advisors, their foreign ministers and ambassadors and many guests join the presidents at this important event. We return to our studios in Atlanta, I’m John Perez reporting for CNM in Spanish.


Florida’s state changed its name, from now on it will be known as “Nueva Cuba” in honor of the millions of Cubans living in that state, nowadays it is more a province of that island than a state of the union, millions of dollars and large amounts of staples and services leave Nueva Cuba to support the Castro dynasty. It’s recently appointed Governor Edward Guevara promoted the proposal to change the name of the state.


He also proposed a discussion for a state’s Senate motion, which once approved made Spanish the second official language and made it mandatory to use it in schools and government offices.


Today is the birth of the state of Nueva Cuba, a territory where Cuban descendants predominate among other Latin minorities. This means the disappearance of the state of Florida. To many this is only a name change; to others it’s perhaps the first step to turn Nueva Cuba into part of the island’s territory. Some talk about the right the island has to the peninsula claiming that it was Spanish territory and this constitutes a historical right. Remember that Spain traded the peninsula for Havana in July 1763 after an eleven month British occupation of Havana. I’m your friend John Perez for CNM in Spanish.



The elected governor is a faithful defender of Cuban politics where they will shortly celebrate a century of the triumph of their revolution lead by Fidel Castro who established a communist regime of terror that, after the death of the Castro brothers, became a communist monarchy that continues in power currently headed by Fidel Raul Castro, grandson of the youngest of the Castro brothers.


Senate issued immediate approval with no debate or delay for the nomination of President Anthony Gonzalez. Judge Raphael Trujillo becomes magistrate of the United States Supreme Court. I’m your friend John Perez for CNM in Spanish broadcasting from the Capitol.


A new amendment to the Constitution is debated today, after many states have already declared Spanish as official language, the intention is to declare Spanish as the official language of the United States. It has been approved by the Senate and is now waiting for debate in congress before the Christmas break. The president is betting all his political clout on this amendment which, if approved would turn the United States into a Hispanic nation.


Friends form around the world, our TV station CNM in Spanish is always present where news are taking place, today we broadcast from the Capitol again to show you the moment when Congress votes on the amendment to establish Spanish as the official language in the United States. If approved, President Anthony Gonzalez has promised to ratify it tomorrow so that it can become effective at the beginning of January.



Stay tuned and don’t miss any details of such a transcendental historical event. Your friend John Perez and CNM will keep you informed of every detail and event.



After heavy lobbying the debate in congress for a new amendment to the Constitution began. The amendment proposes that after 300 years of English being the official language in the Unites States it be changed to Spanish.


There is no doubt that this will be hard to believe and understand, it would be very difficult to change every name, every event, every fact of American history, the consequences to the nation are still unknown but there is no doubt that it would be catastrophic, there are many people in important positions in federal and state government who don’t speak Spanish, for them this would mean chaos.


CNM in Spanish brings you the latest news broadcasting from Congress in session at the Capitol where congress just finished their voting to determine whether Spanish if the new official language. Senate majority leader, vice-president Williams J Guzman holds the votes in his hands and will announce the results in a few moments, this is a very tense moment, it would be the first tie mint he history if the nation that such an important change is made to the constitution no country has ever changed it official language because the ethnicity of the population had a radical change as is the case of the United States nowadays.



Ladies and gentlemen the vice-president looks at the ballots with great concentration, he stands, approaches the stand, listen for yourselves, in his own voice the results of such an important moment in the history of the nation…   


“Ladies and gentlemen of Congress I address you in Spanish for the first time because from this moment on, with fifty three votes in favor, forty against and seven abstentions, this will be the official language of the United States”, “God save America”.


“Today we no longer have to feel despised for speaking Spanish, from now own we will proudly speak in the language of our forefathers, of our immigrant grandparents, who came to this great country ion search of a dream, let’s thank God for those who watered the earth, the factories with their sweat, for those who gave their lives to get a better future for their children and today we honor them form this monument. Thank you very much, may God have you in his glory”.


… Senator Guzman leaves the stand, the Latin legislators can’t conceal their joy, many are hugging and slapping their backs, it’s a dream come true for many, for others it’s a huge doubt and desolation, there is a mixture of amazement and sadness on the faces of the Anglo congressmen, it’s a harsh reality they’ve had to face, from this moment on Congress sessions will be very difficult for them, as of today the work to translate the section must begin and they must learn to master a language that while not new it is unknown to many.



We will continue to report all the details of this important day; CNM maintains full coverage from the Capitol for you, your friend John Perez…


According to a report by the United States Census Office preliminary results show that the Latin population in the United States constitutes an absolute majority including in the golf coast states, which have been predominantly Afro-American they have shifted to a Latin majority because many Afro-Americans have moved to areas never before occupied by them in the central states of the nation.


The number of Latin single mothers with more than two children has more than tripled in the last thirty years; it has become a normal practice in the Border States to the south for pregnant women to cross to give birth to American citizens and get federal aid for these children even though the mothers continue to live south of the border. This practice costs millions of tax dollars and is another reason for the deficit and the tax crisis as well as the huge growth on the foreign debt.


“Something never imagined has just happened, unconfirmed news from the White House report that a military group with support of young officers from the three arms have attempted to overthrow president Anthony Gonzalez, according to an undisclosed Pentagon spokesperson the leader of the coup is air force colonel Henry Chavez along with commander Charles Noriega and Roy Castro, brother of congressman Alex Castro, and captain Ronald Ortega. Speculation is that the coup attempts to impose a de-facto regime against the current government as they consider it to be to slow in its attempts to turn the United States into a socialist country.



Rebel military have taken control of several forts and naval bases across the country; there is great confusion amongst high ranking military at the Pentagon. We repeat these are unconfirmed news of an alleged coup to President Anthony Gonzalez, however no news have come to discredit this report. John Perez reporting for CNM in Spanish.


For the first time in American history the federal government has been destabilized y a Castro-friendly coup, it has never before happened that the military who swore to defend the constitution and its commander in chief has risen against him overthrowing the legitimately elected government to establish a de-facto regime.


The president has been forcefully removed from office, the vice-president isn’t replacing him and the Senate hasn’t elected a “pro-tempore” president either, as established in the Constitution, instead he has been replaced by a rebel military who left his quarters and marched over Washington D.C. to establish himself at the White House.


The world looks upon the United States surprised to see a country where the achievements that made Americans proud are being lost on a daily basis, after two hundred and sixty four years of representative democracy, it has been cut short by military boots invading legislatures and all government offices, freedom has suffered a major defeat.


Sources from the coup leaders made a public announcement that we will share with you.



“People of the Unites States of America, for more than three hundred years our country has been a model of democracy and freedom, for a long time we have helped other countries in their fight for freedom, today for the first time in our history honorable members of the armed forces have left our quarters to overthrow a president that was too slow to act and consolidate a new country, the current situation doesn’t allow as low pace, it’s time for change, and changing times become time of revolution, the time for the Second American Revolution has come and we can’t let it pass, it is now or never, the military have left our quarters to save the country, not to destroy it, as soon as conditions are right elections will take place, we will have a new president that fits the current situation, then we will return to our quarters from which we should have never left, while we ask the entire population of the country to have no fear, nothing has changed in the Union, we will continue to be a leading country in freedom, democracy and civil rights”.



“President Anthony Gonzalez was sent form the White House to his ranch onboard Air Force 1,ther is no threat to his and his family’s lives, for security reasons he will be kept under custody by the military police loyal to the military junta during the current situation and he will have no contact with the press”.



“American brothers, fear not, nothing has happened in the nation, it was just an adjustment in the direction of the country and the government”. “Go Save America”.




The states where Anglo population is still strong fight to maintain their policies and identity, they drift further apart from the federal government, and in some instances the National Guard is guarding states’ borders to prevent the overrunning of neighboring states trying to escape the pervading chaos.


The disintegration of the union is imminent, the Latin driven states on the East Coast like New York, New Jersey, Georgia, the Carolinas, Nueva Cuba and Washington DC along with the Latin states on the West Coast of California, Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Kansas, Colorado and the Gulf states Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana attempt to separate from the Union to establish a new country with the emblematic name of “Independent and Socialist Republic of North America”, this way the Anglo drive states in the center and north will be isolated and surrounded by the new nation, many will be left without an exit top the sea for their products and without access to fuel it could become a difficult situation unless Senators and State and Federal Governments come to an agreement, if state borders are closed and free transit is stopped many families will be isolated, many children will be apart from their parents without the ability to get together for a party or celebration, for Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas or New Year’s, the future of the nation is certainly uncertain. This is you friend John Perez for CNM.



The borders of some Hispanic and Anglo driven states are closing, members of the National Guard are being deployed at many of those border points to prevent a neighboring attack, without a doubt this is the end, the collapse of the nation that for three hundred years was a champion for freedom and democracy is regressing to a time of a country split in two, facing a new war, splitting, becoming isolated and weak with closed borders guarded by heavily armed military.


Tonight at eight o’clock president Henry Chavez will address the population about the latest events in the nation and he will explain in detail the attempts of some old states that are now autonomous and independent from the federal government attempt against the national security of the new Independent and Socialist Republic of North America. All radio and TV stations will broadcast simultaneously the most important words of the commander in chief of the nation at this crucial moment. For CNM John Perez.



Fellow countrymen, the president, the leader and Head of State, the Commander in Chief will address the Nation and the world to tell about the latest developments in the country.


“Good evening my dear fellow countrymen, today I have the unpleasant mission to announce that imperialism set on stopping the development of humanity, on stunting social progress, attempts to defeat the revolution, once more they oppose the sovereign rights the people, once again they sever the libertarian wishes of nations, they don’t accept that we can build socialism inside what once were the borders of the United States and is now the Independent and Socialist Republic of North America, they are blinded by hate , they forget those who were their brothers and try to overthrow us, our security organisms, the Revolutionary Central Intelligence (CIR for its acronym in Spanish)  has disassembled several attempts to destabilize our regime including assassination plans against me, they don’t know that if I die I will do so with a gun in my hand and defending the constitution, I am certain many will take my place and pick up the banner of a triumphant socialist revolution to victory, which is why I tell you tonight that in a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff we have come to the difficult decision to declare war to those who used to be our brothers. I know this is painful, many of you have relatives across the border, many are your parents, your children but we can’t allow imperialism to defeat the desire for freedom of our people, this is why today the troops began their move towards the border”.


“All troops are in orange alert, the 82nd air division is ready, the fleets approach quickly from the spots where they conducted patrolling and defense activities for the more helpless people in the world, to protect our freedom, the National Guard is being posted at the most dangerous borders. All those willing to fight for our freedom and sovereignty of our revolution are being recruited, don’t be fooled, imperialism has never allowed people to be free, and they won’t allow it today”.


“Fellow countrymen today the victorious revolution is not asking for a favor, today it demands a new sacrifice, don’t allow imperialism to take over our country that we won rightfully through the sweat and tears of our forefathers who were exploited and humiliated by the bourgeoisie, to the brothers from the states that used be Mexican territory this is the moment to amend with your lives the insult made to your ancestors when the neighboring imperialism invaded Mexico and stole its territories, today you can get payback from the Anglo invaders what they did to your trampled lineage, step forward, grab a gun and give your lives if need be to defend  our rights, what is life when it comes to saving the revolution, the country, the eternal glory of all Latin American heroes , of all who gave their lives fighting against the brutal capitalism before us? Glory to Fidel Castro, to Raul, to Daniel, to my grandfather Hugo, to comrade Il Sung, to uncle Ho, to comrade Mao Tse Tung, to Lenin, the founding father of socialism, to Marx, to Engels, creators of the Marxist doctrine, eternal glory to them all, may they guide us and bless us in our fight”.


“Socialism, or death, we shall triumph”.


Were the words of fellow countryman Hugo Chavez, commander in chief of the troops of the Independent and Socialist Republic of North America summoning the revolutionary population to defend the revolution in face of the United States’ attempts to stop the revolution from continuing in our young nation?


Troop preparations and compulsive recruiting are intensified in the country, as there is talk of a possible invasion from the United States to the young republic made easier today since all they have to do is cross the border, imperialism won’t accept that a new socialist nation is being created where imperialism once stood, that a State is being formed in its own backyard where the XXI century socialism is being built, it’s so obtuse and obstinate that in its own country, its own people decided to break the oppressive chains of big capital to build a new society where socialist ownership of the means of production reigns, where there are neither exploiters nor exploited, and where no one is neither immensely rich nor extremely poor, where all people are equal.



The people of the Independent and Socialist Republic of North America won’t allow their dreams to be broken by imperialist greed, all to arms, all to fight for socialism, for the revolution, “socialism or death, we shall triumph”, broadcasting from Washington through CNM, this is your faithful comrade Juan Perez.  

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